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Developing skills in reading, writing & maths

In Year Two, children continue to follow the National Curriculum. The children continue to develop their reading, writing and mathematical skills as well as their knowledge and understanding of a range of other subjects. Learning is organised through a thematic approach, giving the children the opportunity to understand the links between subjects and use and apply the skills they are learning.  


In Mathematics, we are learning to identify different coins and notes, know their value, use different coins and notes to make the same amount and solve problems involving money. We are also learning to count in twos, fives and tens from 0 and recall multiplication and division facts for 2, 5 and 10, using them to solve simple problems.


In English, we are continuing to practise sentence formation, using accurate punctuation, as well as handwriting. We are also learning to develop our language skills by extending our sentences and including interesting adjectives, nouns and verbs in our speaking and writing. We are using Talk4Writing to look at a range of poetry, fiction and non-fiction which we relate to our topic work.


Age Group:


Age Group:6-7Age Group:6-7
Teacher:Miss MewseTeacher:Mrs Griffin   Teacher:Mr Nicholas


Mrs Brandrick


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Mrs Averley

Year 2 Visit to the ss Great Britain

Year 2 had a fantastic trip to the ss Great Britain this week. We toured the ship, took part in a workshop about Victorians at sea, then explored the dry dock and maritime museum.  Thank you to all the children who behaved so beautifully and did us proud!


Click on the rainbow to download more sheets to practise Year 2 Common Exception Words and your cursive handwriting.



Year 2 Home Learning Expectations

So that you know what is needed and expected in Year 2, we have written the following to help you with your child’s learning at home.

  • Reading – at least 5 time a week with Reading Record Books signed by a parent or carer
  • Spellings – practise daily. An informal test will occur once a week, usually on a Friday
  • Maths – practise an idea found on the ‘Learn Its’ links 3-5 times a week
  • Topic ideas


Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Griffin and Miss Mewse