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SEND - Preschool

We know that children are unique in the way they develop and learn. Our curriculum offers opportunities for children to grow in their skills, knowledge and understanding. Sometimes children may need some extra help to achieve their potential for a short period or through their childhood. It may be that they need to work in small groups, practise a new skill more often or have help to join in routines. Our staff will talk to you if we notice that your child needs extra support and we’ll agree a plan together to help your child make their next steps. If you have any concerns about the development of your child’s communication, physical skills or emotions please speak to their key worker.


Our Preschool SENCO is Mrs Sam Wade and she can be contacted through our Preschool number or Preschool email.


You can view our SEND documents on the school website by clicking here. Please also see the documents below for more information.