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Developing skills in reading, writing & maths

In Year Two, children continue to follow the National Curriculum. The children continue to develop their reading, writing and mathematical skills as well as their knowledge and understanding of a range of other subjects. Learning is organised through a thematic approach, giving the children the opportunity to understand the links between subjects and use and apply the skills they are learning. 


In Mathematics we are continuing to learn strategies in addition and subtraction, to understand and use units of weight and time, to collect, represent and interpret data and are making barcharts and pictograms.  We are learning about multiplication and division.


In English we are learning to use interesting words and adjectives to improve our writing. We are also using conjunctions and paragraphs to make our writing easier to read. We are looking at a range of poetry, fiction and non-fiction related to our topic work.






Age Group:


Age Group:

Teacher:Mrs FavreTeacher:Mrs Griffin
Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Brandrick

Mrs Clark

Teaching Assistants:Mrs Brandrick
Mrs Hiscox


Home Learning Opportunities

Click on the rainbow to download more sheets to practise Year 2 Common Exception Words and your cursive handwriting.



Year 2 Home Learning Expectations

So that you know what is needed and expected in Year 2, we have written the following to help you with your child’s learning at home.

  • Reading – at least 5 time a week with Reading Record Books signed by a parent or carer
  • Spellings – practise daily. An informal test will occur once a week, usually on a Friday
  • Maths – practise an idea found on the ‘Learn Its’ links 3-5 times a week
  • Topic ideas


Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Favre and Mrs Griffin