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Sports Week - The Results


The data has been checked and confirmed by World Athletics and we are delighted to give you the results. And the winner is…… Click To Find Out!


You can also view a video of the Virtual Sports Week by clicking this link: Virtual Sports Week


Well done to everyone involved!


SASP Challenges


Hey there all Cheddar Pupils – WOW – what a fantastic result in the Virtual Sports Event! Now, with the Summer Holidays fast approaching, this is not the time to take a break! This week, I would like you to have a go at one of the SASP challenges – they are now live and run throughout the Summer holidays. What is even better, is that you can not only get yourself different levels of certificates but also get your school as high up in the league as possible – watch the video to explain more:

sasp challenges website promotion video with inclusion slide added

Message from SASP:


“As well as being a source of enjoyment, sport and physical activity has proven benefits for our physical and mental health and well-being. Being active at every age increases quality of life and everyone’s chances of remaining healthy and independent.


Take part in our challenges with your work colleagues, community groups, friends and family or challenge yourself. Challenges range in levels and activities, but the most important thing is people in Somerset are moving more!


To record your progress and produce individual results you just need to sign up with an email.  Under 18’s need an adult to register.  All your data is kept in line with Data protection rules and is only used for the purposes of the website”


Let’s all work together and keep Cheddar on top of the league!!!!!

Stay safe and be active!


Mr. Coggins


Mr. Coggins' Fitness Page



Hello and welcome to Mr. Coggins’ Fitness Page!


Every week I will put on a timetable with activities to do throughout the week. Most of the links are hyperlinks so they will take you to various websites. You will need to use your home REAL PE login to get access to the REAL PE resources. The details are below.


Every day there is a personal challenge which you can do and become the best you can be! Remember practice makes perfect!


I have put the documents below which you will need to click on to open. Have fun and stay active.


Real PE Login Details


Parent email:
Password: cheddarfir

Mr. Coggins' Socially Distanced PE

To celebrate the return of football, here’s Football Golf!!!


For the full list of Mr. Coggins’ Socially Distanced PE sessions, please click here