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Making a start on the National Curriculum

In Year One children begin to follow the National Curriculum. Learning is organised through a thematic approach, giving the children the opportunity to understand the links between subjects and use and apply the skills they are learning.  There continues to be a strong emphasis on early reading, writing and mathematical skills and all children have a daily phonic lesson. 


Age Group:5-6Age Group:5-6
Teacher:Miss DaviesTeacher:Mrs Standeven
Teaching Assistants:Mrs Angliss
Mrs Raisey
Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Blackhurst

Kingfisher's 'On the Move' Topic

During our ‘On the Move’ topic, Kingfishers have been learning about pirates, early boats and other forms of water transport.  We painted pictures of pirates and galleons, and created fact sheets about early boats.  We developed our mapping skills by tracing maps of the world and plotting Sir Francis Drake’s circumnavigation of the world.

Home Learning Opportunities

Kingfisher Class Timetable

Wonderful Weaving Update


Here are some of our finished weaves!


Wonderful Weaving!


On Thursday 30th January, 2 local craftspeople – Mrs Jones and Mrs Norman – visited us in Year 1 and 2 to show us how to spin thread from sheep wool and use the thread to weave.

It was very interesting and we are now looking forward to doing some weaving at school. Watch this space!


Year 1 Expectations and Routines


  • Reading – daily if possible
  • Sounds and keywords – listen and practise daily if possible
  • Spellings – practise the words with dots at least 3x a week if possible using a variety of fun ways, e.g. making them with fridge magnets, playing pairs on pieces of paper, writing them in different colours
  • Learn-it’s for maths – as often as possible. If you have had fun with these and would like to print a photo to share with us and stick it into the book we would love to see it. Please tick the activities you have done so we have a record.